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Dennis DabneyDennis Dabney

Vision Statement: We are living in a time of deep change. New technology, the gig economy, and growing political and economic uncertainty are upending long-held practices for organizations, the workforce, and labor relations practitioners. LERA has an opportunity and obligation to lead thoughtful conversations and research on the future of work. As a leader of the Labor Management Partnership at Kaiser Permanente, I have seen how parties with different interests and perspectives can find innovative answers to today’s challenges. LERA, with its labor, management, and academic expertise, can be the leading source of employment-relations thinking and practice in the years ahead.

Current Position: Senior Vice President, National Labor Relations and Office of Labor Management Partnership

LERA Activities:  LERA Board Member 2014-2017; LERA Annual Meetings Co-chair and Panelist 2004-06; FMCS NLMC Panelist 2006; LERA Program Development Committee Member 2010; LERA Certification Steering Committee 2010; participated in Detroit and Cleveland Local Chapter Meetings



David WeilDavid Weil

Vision Statement: Growing income inequality, dramatic changes in the structure of employment, declining union membership, and looming impacts of robotics and artificial intelligence all make the historic role of LERA as a forum for impactful and original research and as a convener of policy discourse more important than ever. My experiences as a lifelong academic and the head of a major workplace enforcement agency have taught me of the importance of applying the rigor of academic scholarship to the practical problems facing society.  I would seek to bring those perspectives to help make sure LERA plays this critical role going forward.

Current Position: Dean and Professor, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, August 2017-Present

LERA Activities: I have been an active member of LERA since I participated in an IRRA refereed dissertation session in 1987.  I have participated in LERA refereed sessions, organized panels and served as a panelist, and served on the Editorial Committee from 2001-2004.  More recently, I have been a plenary speaker at two LERA annual meetings and in 2016 was honored to receive LERA's Susan C. Eaton Award for Scholar / Practitioner.

Adrienne EatonAdrienne Eaton

Vision Statement: I would like to help LERA continue to figure out what it wants to be in light of the changes taking place in work overall and with one of our major institutional constituents (labor) in particular.  I am also interested in how we can attract scholars with strong disciplinary identity, particularly sociologists, but who study issues that are at the core of LERA's identity.  Related to this is the need for LERA to better provide a platform for early career and diverse scholars and practitioners.

Current Position: Interim Dean (July 2017-present), Professor (2001-present), School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University

LERA Activities: Member, Executive Board 2008-2009; Editor, 2002-2009; Chair, Committee on Education 2000-2002; Panel/Session Organizer - (2001, 2002, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2017)



Ezio Borchini

(not pictured)

Vision Statement:  My vision for LERA is for broader national recognition of, and local participation in, the key roles LERA plays in the national conversation on management-labor and employment relations. I would encourage its important work in economics, markets, sociology, journalism, research, education, wages, benefits, management rights, organizing, and human resource management. Every time I walk into a hearing, I find hope in the parties' respect and trust for the fairness of the role of labor arbitration in industrial democracy. Thus, I would continue to promote the LERA role in bringing parties together in a common forum to educate and enlighten.

Current Position: Arbitrator and Mediator, 2004-present, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service; National Mediation Board; American Arbitration Association; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

LERA Activities:  I served as President of LERA Maryland in 2016, and as Vice President in 2014 and 2015. As President, I formed a Board of Directors, consisting of three each of management, labor, and neutral representatives, to advise and guide the chapter, and to increase membership. The Board met monthly, before chapter dinners. Together, we worked to bring the 2018 LERA 70th anniversary annual meeting to Baltimore. I have assisted in planning the 2018 LERA annual meeting @ Baltimore Hilton Inner Harbor. I have also made initial outreach for the 2019 LERA 71st annual meeting @ Cleveland. I attended LERA Annual Meetings in Pittsburgh (2015), and St. Louis (2013)


Brad MarkellBrad Markell

Vision Statement: My vision for LERA is to strengthen the link between academics and the activities of the practitioner and policy communities. New technologies are taking us well past the old discussions of how to adapt to automation, and the emergence of new sectors such as clean energy present challenges to existing employment relationships. LERA's tri-partite membership means it can help shape the broad national discussion about these developments with a breadth of perspectives not present in most organizations

Current Position: Executive Director, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council (IUC). The IUC is the international union presidents of 12 AFL-CIO affiliates with significant membership in manufacturing; I lead the AFL-CIO's policy work for manufacturing, energy, and the environment.

LERA Activities: LERA Board 2017-2018; Formerly active in Detroit chapter, have presented and chaired sessions


FursethCyndi Furseth

Vision Statement: LERA is an organization that provides a unique opportunity for labor and management practitioners to meet and share ideas and perspectives in a collaborative, neutral and informative format. The inclusion of Academics and Neutrals give us all better perspectives and insight from an objective, informative view that provides all of us with learning and collaborative opportunities. My intention, hope and goal would be to add to our predecessor’s example to continue the inclusivity and type of environment that allows us all to learn, provide better opportunities for employees, and improve the engagement necessary for the future and ultimate success of employees and practitioners alike.

Current Position: Senior Labor Relations Consultant, Portland General Electric, 1993 to date.

LERA Activities: Past President 2013, Treasurer 2015 to date, and active member of Oregon Chapter Board 2009 to date. Learned from and participated in the National Nominating Committee and Program Committee, 2014 to date.