Statement Regarding Executive Order Issued by President Donald Trump on 1-27-2017

The Labor and Employment Relations Association encourages research and promotes full discussion and the exchange of ideas among all its constituencies on matters of employment practice and policy while assuming no partisan position. Our bylaws state that LERA “affirms its support for fundamental worker and human rights in the workplace.” For decades, LERA members have studied and will continue to study the impact of immigration on employment and the labor force. We are greatly enriched by the presence of persons from around the world who come to study, to teach and to work in the United States. Immigrants have added tremendous value to our country.

We are deeply concerned by the Executive Order issued by President Donald Trump that restricts the ability of individuals who lawfully have the right to come to the United States from being able to enter, re-enter or remain in our country. This Executive Order is inconsistent with our nation’s tradition of welcoming individuals from all countries.  We urge the Trump administration to withdraw this Executive Order or to revise it so that it is consistent with our traditions and with basic principles of law.

By Janice Bellace, LERA President, February 1, 2017