LERA Online Training Seminar

Virtual ADR from A to Z

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 11 am to 5 pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

This event is co-sponsored by New Jersey LERA, the LERA National Chapter Advisory Council, the LERA Membership Committee, and the LERA Dispute Resolution Interest Section.


Recordings and files from this seminar can be accessed by registered attendees on our C-3 community here


Moderator: Jonathan Cohen, Plosia Cohen LLC, and New Jersey LERA President

 11 - 12 pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

Topic 1.  Zoom Arbitration: How it Works

Speaker: Keith Greenberg, Arbitrator/Mediator

Keith will walk arbitrators, mediators, and advocates through how to setup, manage, and conduct an arbitration remotely using Zoom technology.

12 - 1 pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

Topic 2.  Mock Arbitration in the Zoom (Virtual) Setting

Mock Arbitration Participants:

Arbitrator Greenberg will conduct a mock arbitration, during which our union and management attorneys will offer direct and cross examination of a mock grievant. The arbitration will explore challenges and issues to understand in a remote setting and address concerns of advocates including document presentation and more. Additionally, arbitrator Greenberg will demonstrate how to establish and communicate guidelines at the beginning of a remote arbitration process.

1 - 2 pm Eastern Time (New York Time) - Lunch Break

2 - 3 pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

Topic 3. Adocates’ Remote Arbitration Strategy and Explanation of Tactics from Mock Arbitration


Union and management attorneys will describe the approaches that were taken during the mock arbitration as well as provide their experience and insight as to when/how/why remote arbitration can be advantageous or appropriate.

3 - 4 pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

Topic 4. The Ins and Outs of Virtual Mediation

Speaker: Theo Cheng

Mediator Cheng will discuss how to conduct a remote mediation, the manner in which it differs from an in-person mediation, the use of breakout rooms and other technological nuances unique to the remote mediation format.

4 - 5 pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

Topic 5. Ethics Round-table Discussion


The arbitrator, mediator, management and union attorney will join together for a panel discussion addressing concerning ethical challenges presented by the remote ADR format. They will also answer questions from the audience regarding ethical considerations and other issues that were demonstrated in the mock arbitration recording.


Participating local LERA Chapters will be applying for CLE credits for attorneys who practice in their state. Each participating local LERA chapter will work to obtain the maximum number of CLE credits in their respective state.

Participating LERA Chapters by State for CLE's

Most states require a certain number of CLE credits per reporting period. Only a few jurisdictions have no CLE requirements for lawyers: the District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and South Dakota.

Attendees are currently registered from the following states: California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

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New Jersey LERA Chapter

  • Jonathan F. Cohen, Esq., Plosia Cohen (President)
  • Lucille Alfano, Arbitrator/Mediator (Vice President)
  • Dean Burrell, Arbitrator (Secretary)
  • Paul A. Montalbano, Esq. Labor Attorney, Cohen, Leder, Montalbano & Connaughton (Treasurer)
  • William Dwyer, National LERA Representative
  • Felice Busto, Arbitrator/Mediator
  • Lisa Charles, Arbitrator/Mediator
  • James Cooney, Arbitrator
  • Bernie Corrigan, IBEW
  • Patrick Duncan, Esq. BOE
  • Ken Egger, AAA
  • Michael Freeman, NJ State PBA
  • James Kinney, Arbirtrator/Mediator
  • David Leach, NLRB
  • Adam Optiz, Rutgers University
  • Kurt Rebovich, NSBA
  • Erica Tener, Arbitrator/Mediator
  • Lorraine Tesauro, NJEA
  • John Vreeland, Esq. Genova Burns
  • Patrick Westerkamp, Arbitrator/Mediator
  • Ernest Whelan, NJSBM

LERA National Chapter Advisory Council

  • William Canak, Middle Tennessee State University, Chair
  • Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator, Vice Chair

LERA Membership Committee

  • Cynthia Furseth, PGE (ret.), Co-Chair
  • David Lewin, UCLA (ret.) Co-Chair

LERA Dispute Resolution Interest Section

  • Richard D. Fincher, Workplace Resolutions LLC
  • Nancy E. Peace, Massachusetts Education Partnership
  • Christine Newhall, American Arbitration Association
  • Alex Colvin, Cornell University
  • Janet Gillman, Oregon Employment Relations Board
  • Mark Gough, Penn State University