LERA conducts annual elections for its officers and and members of the Executive Board. Terms begin and end in June, in conjunction with the LERA Annual Meetings. LERA accepts nominations from LERA members continuously; you can submit your nominations for candidates here: https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/4537637

LERA Officers 2017-18
Harry Katz
, President,
Cornell University
Kris Rondeau, President-elect, AFSCME
Janice Bellace, Past President, The Wharton School
Craig Olson, Secretary-Treasurer (non-voting), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
William Canak, NCAC Chair (non-voting), Middle Tennessee State University (ret.)
Ariel Avgar, Editor-in-Chief (non-voting)
, Cornell University

Members of LERA Executive Board (3-year term)
Sylvia Allegretto (2017-20), Center on Wage & Employment Dynamics
Annette Bernhardt
(2016-19), University of California, Berkeley
Matthew Bodah (2017-19), University of Rhode Island
Bill Dirksen (2017-20), Ford Motor Company
Virginia Doellgast (2017-20), Cornell University
Jonathan Donehower (2016-19), Kaiser Permanente
Eric Fidoten (2015-2018), Campbell Soup

Joan Husted (2017-20), Hawaii State Teachers Association (ret.)
Charles Jeszeck (2015-2018), Government Accounting Office
Daniel Marschall (2016-19), Working for America Institute (AFL-CIO)
Patrice Mareschal
(2015-2018), Rutgers University
Brad Markell (2017-2018), Industrial Union Council (AFL-CIO)
Sheila Mayberry
(2017-20), Arbitrator and Mediator
Saul Rubinstein (2015-2018), Rutgers University
Jeffrey Wheeler (2016-19),
US Department of Labor

Regional Vice Presidents and Members of the LERA Executive Board (3-year term)
Jim Pruitt (2017-20), Kaiser Permanente (West Region)
Michele Hoyman (2017-20), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (East Region)

John Budd (2017-20), University of Minnesota (Mid Region)

UCIRHRP Chair and Member of the LERA Executive Board
James Hayton, University of Warwick

LERA Committee Chairs (appointed)

  • Development Committee Co-Chairs – Marlene Heyser, Workplace Law Strategies and Jim Pruitt, Kaiser Permanente
  • Membership Committee Chair – Jeff Keefe, Rutgers University
  • Strategic Thinking Committee Chair (Ad Hoc) – David Lewin, UCLA
  • Implementation Committee Chair (Ad Hoc) – Bonnie Castrey, Dispute Resolution Services
  • Award Committee Co-Chairs – Tia Schneider Denenberg, Workplace Solutions and Doug Kruse, Rutgers University
  • Nominating Committee Chair – John Budd, University of Minnesota
  • LERA Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Chairs Harry C. Katz, Cornell University and Kris Rondeau, AFSCME
  • [email protected] Meeting Program Committee Co-Chairs Jeannette Wicks-Lim, University of Vermont and Susan Houseman, Upjohn Institute

Past LERA Presidents

Janice Bellace, 2016-17
Bonnie Prouty Castrey, 2015-16
Martin Mulloy, 2014-15
Lisa Lynch, 2013-14
David Lewin, 2012-13
Gordon Pavy, 2011
Eileen Appelbaum, 2010
Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, 2009
Anthony Oliver Jr., 2008
Eileen B. Hoffman, 2007
David Lipsky, 2006
Stephen Sleigh, 2005
Marlene K. Heyser, 2004
Paula Voos, 2003
John F. Burton Jr., 2002
Magdalena Jacobsen, 2001
Sheldon Friedman, 2000
Thomas A. Kochan, 1999
F. Donal O'Brien, 1998
Francine Blau, 1997
Hoyt T. Wheeler, 1996
Walter Gershenfeld, 1995
Lynn R. Williams, 1994
George Strauss, 1993
Ernest J. Savoie, 1992
James L. Stern, 1991
Robert B. McKersie, 1990
Joyce Miller, 1989
Phyllis A. Wallace, 1988
Michael H. Moskow, 1987
Lloyd Ulman, 1986
Everett Kassalow, 1985
Wayne L. Horvitz, 1984
Jack Stieber, 1983
Milton Derber, 1982
Rudolph A. Oswald, 1981
Jack Barbash, 1980
Jerome M. Rosow, 1979
Charles C. Killingsworth, 1978
F. Ray Marshall, 1977
Irving Bernstein, 1976
Nat Goldfinger, 1974
Douglas H. Soutar, 1973
Benjamin Aaron, 1972
Georg Hildebrand, 1971
Douglass V. Brown, 1970
Frederick Harbison, 1969
George Shultz, 1968
Neil W. Chamberlain, 1967
Arthur Ross, 1966
Edwin Young, 1965
Solomon Barkin, 1964
William F. Whyte, 1963
Charles Myers, 1962
John Dunlop, 1960