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Paul Clark

Paul Clark

Vision Statement: Employment and employment relationships are a central part of the human experience. LERA brings together people with a deep commitment to making the employment experience and the employment relationship better for workers and organizations. It also creates a community where those who practice, study, and teach about employment relations can come together to learn from, and support, one another. LERA's challenge moving forward is three fold. 1. Help employers and employees prepare for the workplaces of the future.  2. Work to secure its own future so it can support the next generation of practitioners and scholars.  3. Continue its efforts to ensure that LERA's membership reflects the diversity of our field and our society.

Current Position: Director and Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations, Penn State University

LERA Activities: --Past President and Founding Member, Southwestern Pennsylvania LERA Chapter, 1988-1989; --Past President and Founding Member, Mount Nittany LERA Chapter, 2007-2008; --National Executive Board Member, LERA, 2010-2013, 2018-present; --Co-Chair, National LERA Annual Meeting Program Committee, 2016-2017; --Chair, LERA University Council of Industrial Relations and Human Resources Programs, 2007-2010, 2018-present



Peter BergPeter Berg

Vision Statement: At this time when the world of work is changing so rapidly, the dialogue that LERA creates is so vital to not only fostering research excellence but also helping working people. As a member of the LERA board, I would focus our efforts on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the association. I would seek to expand international membership and participation. As past president of the Industry Studies Association, I would also seek to increase the synergies between the two associations in order to increase disciplinary diversity in the association.

Current Position: Professor and Director, School of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Michigan State University, 2019 - present

LERA Activities: Long-time session organizer and paper presenter at LERA conferences; Winner, Outstanding Young Scholar Award, IRRA (2000); Executive Board Member, LERA (2004-2007); Member of the LERA Development Committee (2004-2007); Co-Chair, Work and Employment Relations Network, an interest section of LERA (2009-2011); Member, [email protected] program committee (2013-2015)

Christine RiordanChristine Riordan

Vision Statement: The current moment, defined by political and social upheaval and a public health crisis, is inextricably linked to work: we see clearly how inequality, in its numerous forms, is laid bare in workplaces and the labor market more broadly. I would aim to advance LERA's unique position - defined by its members' deep knowledge of the structures, systems and practices that have brought us to this point - to respond to such challenges while building a more equitable, fair economy. I am also committed to LERA's efforts to promote such values internally in order to foster a vibrant community of employment relations practitioners and researchers.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2019 to present

LERA Activities: Recipient, Susan C. Eaton Research Grant Award, 2020; Member, LERA Diversity and Inclusion Committee, 2019-present; Co-convener, LERA Annual PhD Consortium, 2015; LERA member since 2013



Janet GillmanJanet Gillman

Vision Statement: Since its inception, LERA has supported research, education, and public policy development at the cutting edge of industrial and labor relations.  The development of labor and employment policies and practices that advance social, racial, and economic justice is at the heart of much of our work, and we must not let up on these aims as we continue to carry out LERA's mission.  Dispute resolution systems that support civil discourse, effective negotiation and problem solving, and fairness in the adjudication of labor and employment disputes are needed more than ever.  We must also work to support the next generation of researchers, practitioners, and government officials through education and mentorship.

Current Position: State Conciliator, Oregon Employment Relations Board, 2013-present.

LERA Activities: LERA national member since 2013 and Oregon LERA Chapter member since 1995; Oregon LERA Executive Board member, 2014-17; President, Oregon LERA Chapter, 2017-18; LERA Dispute Resolution Interest Section Practice Leader, 2014-17, Section Co-Chair 2017-19, Section Communications Chair, 2019-present; Session Chair, LERA National Meeting, "Labor Management Training:  Raising the Bar Through Collaboration" Pittsburgh, June 2015; Session Co-Chair, LERA National Meeting, "Technology in Arbitration and Mediation"  Baltimore, 2019; LERA Webinar Series Panelist, "Virtual Dispute Resolution During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020.



Deborah MuellerDeborah Mueller

Vision Statement: We are living and working in unprecedented times and face unprecedented challenges. There is no road map that will show us the most direct route to striking a balance between work and family during a global pandemic. There is no one size fits all solution for all workplaces or sectors of workers. The role of LERA is more important than ever to foster open dialog between labor, management, academia and neutrals.  By utilizing this forum, we can bring together diverse variety of perspectives and experiences and work collaboratively to find innovative solutions to create productive and safe work environments.

Current Position: Labor Relations Specialist, CSEA Local 1000, AFSCME, 2016-Present

LERA Activities: Currently spearheading efforts to revive a Western New York Chapter of LERA which has been inactive since 2016.



Quinton Herbert

Quinton Herbert

Vision Statement: In an increasingly polarized climate, LERA provides a unique and valuable forum for labor and management to work collaboratively to share best practices in resolving issues that impact all parties. In this current post-pandemic environment, the need for employing cutting edge technology in attracting and retaining emerging leaders has become more pronounced than ever before. As President of a Local Chapter, I realize the importance of attracting practitioners and academicians from all sides of the table to remain relevant, grow the organization and secure a vibrant future for management and LERA at large.

Current Position: Chief Human Capital Officer, City of Baltimore, 2018-present

LERA Activities: LERA national and Maryland chapter member since 2015; Chapter Vice President (2018-2020); Chapter President (2020)

Kevin Legel

Kevin Legel

Vision Statement: My vision is for excellence and growth.  LERA demonstrates excellence through the partnership between academia, labor unions, industry, and government.  LERA is a special and unique community that has provided substantial resources to inspire and improve my team.  I want to be a part of bringing this same inspiration and excitement about LERA to others.  After more than 27 years of international experience in labor relations and human resources, I am seeing less interest in the science and art of labor relations among our new employees.  I believe there is a growth opportunity for LERA to improve engagement with the next generation of union and industry leaders.  We have the people, knowledge, experience, and resources to make a difference in the future!  Thank your for your consideration of me for this opportunity.

Current Position: Vice President, Labor Relations, Ford Motor Company, December 2019 - Present

LERA Activities: Member through the UAW-Ford membership since 2017; Scheduled presenter for the cancelled June 2020 conference - "UAW - Ford Campaign of Hope" to address opioid addiction in the workplace


Jim PruittJim Pruitt

Vision Statement: LERA has a distinguished history of over 70 years. American society faces workplace issues as critical as those of one hundred years ago which created the Industrial Relations Commission of 1912-1915 (although the specific issues are different.)  I will work with others to link the supply of LERA's institutional experience and presence with the demand for improved labor relations.

Current Position: Vice President, LMP and Labor Relations for Kaiser Permanente

LERA Activities: Trustee of the Oregon Chapter 2005-2006. Co-Chair of Health Care Industry Council 2007-2011. Member of the LERA Nominating Committee for national officers  2008. LERA  Executive Board 2011-2014 and 2017-present. Lifetime Achievement Award from LERA 2015. LERA Fellow Award (2019). Board of Directors for the Northern California LERA Chapter (2020 -).  Current Regional Vice President. West Region.