2016 LERA Bylaws Updates
Pertaining to Local LERA Chapters

In 2016, at LERA's annual general membership meeting, our members called for increased communication with, and support of, local LERA Chapters. These initiatives below were ideas that originated at the Chapter level of the organization, by Chapter leaders, and discussed at several meetings of the National Chapter Advisory Council.
The NCAC brought these initiatives to the attention of the board, which created a special ad hoc committee to fully research them, the Strategic Thinking Committee. After our general membership voted on the bylaws revisions affirmatively, a second ad hoc committee (the Implementation Committee) was formed to review how to logically create better communication and increased chapter representation on the LERA board, and below are the actions that have been taken.
Please see committee rosters at the bottom of the page, and links to bylaw revisions and a memorandum summarizing all of the updates

Increased Chapter Voice on the
LERA Executive Board 

LERA added the role of Regional Vice President to our board.

  1. We have elected 3 RVP’s, one to represent the Mid, West, and East regions of the country.
  2. The RVPs have a vote on the board, and represent the interests of the local chapters, by region.
  3. The RVP’s also are part of the National Chapter Advisory Council.

Increased Communication between National LERA and LERA Chapters

LERA will share our monthly eBulletin newsletters and quarterly Labor and Employment Law newsletters with LERA Chapter Affiliates.

Supporting Chapter Membership

LERA has added a requirement of national members to become members of their local chapter, if one is available in their area.

Providing Additional Member Value

LERA Affiliates will receive login credentials to the LERA website, and be able to access LERA publications, both current and archived editions, full-text and searchable.

Supporting Chapter Administration

LERA helps Chapters with the logistics of running membership, event management, and other chapter functions.
You can read more about many of these LERA Chapter Resources here:

Strategic Thinking Committee, Ad hoc May 2014

  • Ralph Craviso, Consultant, Chair through Jan. 2015
  • David Lewin, UCLA, Chair beginning Jan. 2015
  • Bonnie Castrey, Dispute Resolution Services
  • Bill Canak, MTSU, coordinating with the NCAC
  • Janice Fine, Rutgers University
  • Owen Herrnstadt, IAMAW
  • Marlene Heyser, Workplace Law Strategies
  • Eric Mooshegian, IUOE Local 148
  • Marty Mulloy, Ford Motor Co.

National Chapter Advisory Council

  • William Canak, Middle Tennessee State University, Chair
  • Bonnie Castrey, Dispute Resolution Services, Vice-Chair
  • Kathleen Erskine, FMCS
  • Beverly Harrison, Arbitrator/Mediator
  • Marlene Heyser, Workplace Law Strategies
  • Philip LaPorte, Georgia State University
  • Eric Mooshegian, IUOE Local 148
  • Patrick Rasco, NASA
  • Ami Silverman, NLRB
  • Dennis Teel, FMCS

Implementation Committee, Ad hoc May 2016

  • Bonnie Prouty Castrey, Chair, [email protected]
    (OC LERA Chapter, and LERA Past President, and NCAC Vice-Chair)
  • Bill Canak, NCAC and MTSU, [email protected] (TERRA Chapter, LERA NCAC Chair)
  • Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Brandeis University, [email protected] (Past LERA President)
  • Cyndi Furseth, Portland General Electric, [email protected] (Oregon LERA Chapter)
  • David Lewin, UCLA, [email protected] (LA LERA Chapter and Past LERA President)
  • Francis "Don" O'Brien, Arbitrator/Mediator, [email protected] (Connecticut and Chicago LEAR Chapters and Past LERA President)