What Do Your Chapter Dues Get You Besides Your Not-for-Profit Tax Exempt Status and Affiliation with LERA?
All these resources and more!

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LERA Chapter Handbook
Downloadable, printable, LERA Chapter Handbook with complete coverage of LERA Info, Chapter Info, Chapter administration, starting a Chapter or growing membership, and many Chapter Resources to share. This is a must-read for new LERA Chapter Officers and Board Members.

LERA Chapter Merit Awards
Get the recognition your hard work deserves and nominate your LERA Chapter for a merit award. The annual applications are due October 15, and Merit Awards are granted at the LERA Chapter Representatives Meeting at the LERA Annual Meeting. Star Awards are granted at the LERA General Membership Meeting and Awards Ceremony at the LERA Annual Meeting.

LERA Chapter Grants
Does your Chapter need financial help promoting its acitivities, membership, or bringing in a national speaker? Apply for a Chapter Grant in the amount of $125 designed to help Chapters defray expenses of activities that will grow the Chapter and its programs.undefined

IRS Info for LERA Chapters
Maintain your tax-exempt status and file your annual Form 990-N with the IRS. This electronic form takes 5-10 minutes to complete annually and will ensure that your Chapter can continue its tax-exempt status, accept tax-deductible contributions, and many other tax benefits.

Instructions here for reinstatement if your exemption status has been revoked.

LERA Chapters Listserv Group
This LERA-Chapters Listserv is meant to help LERA Chapter Officers and Board Members to connect with each other and with the National Chapter Advisory Committee. Subscribe and post a message today.

LERA Regional Listserv Groups
LERA just added new email distribution groups for LERA regions in 2017. These listserv's are intended to connect chapters by region and serve as a two-way conduit of information between national LERA and local LERA Chapters. If you are a Chapter officers and you are not receiving these emails, please send an email to [email protected] to subscribe.

LERA Chapter Website Hosting
LERA maintains a free online chapter profile for each LERA Chapter at the LERA website here. We always maintain contact information for every chapter online, and we will also promote your events.

Additionally, LERA has created tools for each Chapter to host their own Website at at no additional cost.

LERA takes care of domain and licensing fees, software installation, updates, and database maintenance, and trains your officers to update content.

Learn how to edit your content and upload your events. Ask for your login credentials if you don't have them. Contact [email protected] for a personal web tour, and training to edit and update your site content.

LERA Regional Vice Presidents
(Mid, East, and West)

LERA has established representation on the LERA Executive Board for LERA Chapters. 3 Regional Vice Presidents, who each have a vote on the board, are tasked with learning from Chapter leaders, identifying challenges for Chapter administration, and representing Chapter interests at LERA Board Meetings. To learn who your Chapter's RVP is, click here. To subscribe to your Regions' listserv, please send an email to [email protected].

Use Stripe to Accept Online Payments
If your Chapter would like to setup your website to accept online payments, please let us know. We'll work with your Treasurer to setup your Stripe account, which will collect online payments and send them to your bank account. You can also use Stripe to refund credit card transactions and generation ad hoc invoices as needed.

LERA National Chapter Advisory Committee
What can LERA assist you with? The National Chapter Advisory Committee, or NCAC, is charged with serving LERA Chapters. Are you getting started as a new LERA Chapter, reinvigorating an existing Chapter, or looking for best practices? The NCAC is populated with people who have run successful and vibrant Chapters all over the country, and they are a true asset and resource to all LERA Chapters.

Event Management Online
Manage bookings for all your chapter events online. This will work hand-in-hand with Stripe online payments if you choose to use it. You can use your website to automate confirmation emails, reminder emails, and send paid invoices. We will assist in setting this up with your LERA Chapter Website. Please let us know.

LERA Benefits for Chapter Affiliates
LERA has extended affiliate status to all LERA Chapter members who are not currently national members! Find out what benefits this includes here.

Social Networking for LERA Chapters
Is your Chapter interested in extending its online presence to social media? Here are some simple guides to help setup Facebook and LinkedIn groups and pages.

National to Chapter Letter Archive
Misplaced your last letter from the staff at LERA or the NCAC? We will keep an archive here of recent communications.

Bylaws Revisions in 2016 to Support LERA Chapters
In 2016, at LERA's annual general membership meeting, our members called for increased communication with and support of local LERA Chapters. You can read more about the bylaws updates here.

Quick Guide to LERA Chapter Benefits
Want a quick summary of how LERA can help LERA
Chapters? Learn how LERA can save LERA chapters time and money, support chapter membership and administration, give voice to local Chapters, recognize outstanding achievement, and provide additional value for individual chapter members.