2015 February eBulletin

In this issue of LERA's eBulletin: Feb. 15, 2015

  • See program and register for 67th Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh.
  • McKersie Walton classic honored at AEA/LERA
  • Appelbaum-Milkman in NY Times
  • Peter Feuille, Secretary-Treasurer of LERA receives Award
  • Further readings of interest


Registration is open LERA’s 67th Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh May 28-31.  Visit www.leraweb.org/67thAnnualMtg for details.

Eileen Applebaum and Ruth Milkman’s research on family-friendly employment policy is cited in a Jan. 30, 2015, New York Times article, “The Economic Benefits of Paid Parental Leave.”

Applebaum and Milkman wrote about family- and business-friendly employment practices in their book, Unfinished Business, in the 2014 issue of Perspectives on Work, LERA’s practitioner magazine. You can also access the article online.

The 50th anniversary of the publication of McKersie and Walton’s book, CLICK HERE for story. A Behavioral Theory of Labor Negotiations was celebrated in Boston at the gathering of LERA American Economic Association’s annual meeting. A panel discussion was co-chaired by Thomas Kochan  (MIT) and Joel Cutcher-Gersehnfeld (Illinois). The book is still being used in classes in labor relations, business and law.

The Labor and Employment Relations Association tapped Peter “Pete” Feuille for its Lifetime Achievement Award Monday, Dec. 8. Feuille received the award at a luncheon at the University of Illinois’ School of Labor and Employment Relations, where LERA’s home offices are located. Full story CLICK HERE.

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Further reading of interest:

Public Policy:

  • VIDEO: LERA Presidential Address 2013: "The Idea of Contract in U.S. Employment Relations: Analysis and Policy,” by David Lewin. Perspectives on Work, 2013.
  • “Can Capitalists Save Capitalism?” New York Times, Jan. 20, 2015.


  • “Red Tape Blues,” The Economist. Jan. 5, 2015. Note: Registration may be required to access three articles per week.

Health Care:

LERA recognizes the ILR School at Cornell University and their special anniversary.

"Celebrating 70 years of Advancing the World of Work”