Quick Guide to LERA Chapter Benefits

Savings of Time and Money 

1. LERA Chapters’ tax exempt status comes from LERA’s 501(c)3 incorporation, and means that Chapters are tax exempt. They do not need to complete the filing to receive this status, and do not need to conduct an annual audit, etc.


2. LERA can assist in streamlining membership, event registration, marketing and communications. (See 6-9.)

Supporting Chapter Membership

3. LERA requires all national members to become a LERA Chapter member if one is available in their area, and we include this information at all points of our membership process.


4. LERA provides a list of national LERA contacts to be used for your Chapter marketing. This includes contact information for all LERA national members who do not have a current Chapter affiliation in your Chapter’s geographic area.


5. All LERA Chapters receive a free online Chapter profile at the LERA website that directs online traffic how to contact your Chapter, membership information and event information for respective LERA Chapters. LERA will also advertise LERA Chapters’ full websites, if they are housed elsewhere, and all LERA Chapter events.


6. For those Chapters who wish to host their website with LERA, LERA offers webhosting, including:

a. software installation,
b. maintenance and backups of site and database,
c. domain management, and
d. ongoing helpdesk for website questions


7. Initial assistance and training to setup online membership and event management forms


8. PayPal assistance in both initializing the services and with creating PayPal buttons


9. Assistance with social networking questions and resources

Giving Voice to Local Chapters

10. Representation and voice on the LERA Executive Board is provided to LERA Chapters. LERA has several officers charged with speaking for LERA Chapters. These include the National Chapter Advisory Council Chair who is a long-term officer of the LERA, and three Regional Vice Presidents, who each have a vote in board decisions.


11. The NCAC Chair heads up the National Chapter Advisory Council, which provides leadership, advice, and direction for LERA Chapter initiatives, and the RVPs serve as advocates for LERA chapters on the board. The NCAC also maintains a list of liaisons that can help serve chapter leaders.

Supporting Chapter

12. LERA helps Chapters with the logistics of running membership, event management, and other chapter functions. (See 6-9.)


13. Events, workshops, and networking provided at LERA Annual Meetings to cover chapter administration and more. These include:

a. National Chapter Advisory Council Meeting
b. Chapter Representative Meeting
c. Chapter Administration Workshop, and other programming for chapters
d. 15-20 hours of professional development and practitioner workshops for LER practitioners


14. LERA Chapter officers’ listserv: to help reach out to fellow LERA Chapter officers to share information and resources with each other


15. LERA regional listservs: to keep open a two-way line of communication between local LERA chapters and their respective RVPs


16. National Chapter Advisory Council (NCAC) and their Liaisons are available to assist and support LERA Chapters as are Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs).


17. Chapter handbook is available through LERA, which serves as a resource for various Chapter administration issues and challenges, from establishing a new Chapter, to re-invigorating an inactive Chapter, and more

Recognizing Outstanding Achievement

18. LERA conducts a complete Chapter awards program to highlight and promote Chapter success

Providing value for LERA Affiliates

19. LERA provides Affiliate benefits to individual LERA Chapter members (who are not national members): Affiliate benefits include:

a. monthly LERA e-Bulletin newsletters
b. quarterly LERA Labor and Employment Law newsletters
c. online access to electronic (searchable, full-text) archives of current and past LERA publications

Conference Reimbursement for Chapter President

To encourage communication between LERA Chapter officers and the national organization, including the National Chapter Advisory Council, the LERA Executive Board invites all chapter officers and representatives to attend the LERA Annual Meeting each year. There are a number of workshops and events on the program that are designed just for LERA chapter officers, including our NCAC Chapter Administration Workshop and the NCAC Chapter Representatives Meeting. All LERA Chapter Presidents are eligible for reimbursement of conference registration, if they register for the event by the early-bird registration deadline, and attend the LERA Chapter Representatives Meeting at the conference.


You can read more about many of these LERA Chapter Resources here: