Listserv Transition Announcement

LERA e-Lists are NEW, available now on the LERA website to all members, replacing C3 (C3 = Connect, Communicate, Collaborate) lists as of March 25th, and are re-designed to keep what our members love best and solve what our members find problematic about our current listservs.

Why the transition?

1) Our current listserv software (C3), where members currently receive communication packaged into one summarized email per day, has had a dampening affect on real exchange between members.

  • While the amount of information being distributed has increased exponentially using this service over the past few years, the actual dialog−exchange between members and replies to postingshas all but stopped.

  • The mission of the LERA Dialog is to connect our members; if a member has a question, they should be able to post it and receive a timely response, but this is now less likely to be the case.

2) The single-sign-on technology between the two software platforms has never been seamless, which has led to member frustration, and there have been some other back-end issues with the software.

3) We have received multiple emails from our valued members which prompted us to send out a member survey that confirmed the following issues.

  • First, our members prefer to receive email in real time so they can respond and communicate to emails of interest to them as they happen.

  • Secondly, there is too much email being received in digest mode to effectively sort. When emails arrive in digest mode, members are less likely to read through a list of 25-30 linked emails to find the ones of interest to them.

4) Our own website provider has improved their e-List services to provide this resource in our native software which makes this listserv transition possible at this time.

Transition Plan

Summary: We will be transitioning our listservs to our own website, where postings will be divided into two e-Lists, LERA Dialog and LERA Latest. LERA Dialog will serve as the more infrequent, limited, and personal communications between our members who are soliciting responses from each other, and LERA Latest will serve the frequent informational postings that are of general interest to the field. Other LERA communities may request their own e-List as well, but will need to name a moderator to release emails to their list. Keep reading for complete details on each of these.

1. Our LERA-Dialog email distribution list will be:

  • Transitioned from C3 ([email protected]) to our own website (, which our website provider calls an e-List.

  • Email from the e-List will be received in real time, and not in digest mode.

  • Because of this, when posting to [email protected] we ask that you hold your postings to one per day, as a general rule, not including replies to other people's postings, which will be distributed to the sender only.

  • This e-list is intended for communications meant to prompt dialog, questions meant for your fellow colleagues that you need a timely response about, information that you want your colleagues to be aware of that is personal to you, or you have a personal connection with, etc.

  • It is not meant for serial postings informational in nature and of general interest to the field of Labor and Employment Relations though these are also of value.

  • All current LERA members are enrolled in this listserv, though you can login to your profile at and change your e-List settings.

2. We have instituted a second e-List for multiple, informational postings, of general interest to the field of labor and employment relations field. This e-List is LERA Latest, with a distribution email address of [email protected].

  • Not all members will be enrolled automatically, in response to feedback about members receiving too much email.

  • Instead, members who wish to receive emails in their own email inbox from this e-List will need to actively enroll.

  • Even if you are not subscribed to real-time email from the LERA Latest e-List, all members will still be able to visit the website repository of the e-List and search the archives there as needed, which can be a helpful resource.

  • There is no daily limit for postings at this e-List, and emails will be received in real-time, so please be aware of this when you subscribe.

  • We still ask that posters vet their information before posting it. Not all information that resides on the World Wide Web is created equal. All prior etiquette and posting rules apply.

3. LERA Industry Councils and Interest Sections who would like to have their own e-List may request one, and we will get one created for you. You will need to identify a moderator for your community, who will release (approve or deny) email to the list from their own email inbox. Send requests to [email protected].

Where can I find more information about current LERA e-Lists and how to subscribe to them?

You can find a general summary here: of information as it applies to our LERA Dialog and LERA Latest e-Lists as well as our LERA Chapters listserv, LERA listserv etiquette and rules, how to subscribe, etc. Generally speaking, you can login to the LERA website to your profile, and in the My Features tab, click on e-Lists to subscribe and manage your settings. That's it!

What steps do I need to take next?

  • All current LERA members will be enrolled automatically on the morning of March 25th in the LERA Dialog e-List, so there is nothing further to do on your part for this.

  • If you would like to subscribe to LERA Latest, then you will need to do that by logging in the LERA website to your profile, select the My Features tab, click on e-Lists, and subscribe to the LERA Latest e-List.

  • If you are the Co-Chair or Co-Convener of a LERA Industry Council or Interest Section, and you are interested in setting up an e-List for your community, then you should determine who your list moderator will be and send a request to [email protected].

Thank you for your feedback; we value continuous improvement!

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions which we highly value! If you have any questions or comments, please send them to [email protected].